Choosing and designing all types of memorial work is tremendously personal. It is important, at what can be a very difficult time, to ensure that you make the right decisions and not feel pressured into making choices that will be a regret in the future. I will explain all of the options open to you and talk you through the rules and regulations of the local authority or churchyard so that you have all of the information required.

New Memorials

Choosing a new memorial can be quite a challenging time. I am always available to answer questions and provide guidance and support. By working in partnership with you, I can create a highly individual memorial that represents how your loved one will be remembered.

Additional Inscriptions

If you have an existing memorial and a related person has passed, then it is now time to add an additional inscription. I will endeavour to make it seem that the new and old lettering were completed by the same mason at the same time by matching layout, style and finish.


As with any other item that stands outside in the elements 365 days a year your memorial will become weather worn. It may therefore require a professional treatment of cleaning, re-gilding, re-painting or re-fixing if it has become unstable over time.